New Members Page

Congratulations on passing the IAABO National Exam and beginning your journey as a basketball official.

You are now a provisional member of IAABO Board 20. Over the next several months we will be working with you to teach you the proper mechanics and rules applications to assist you in passing you floor mechanics exam to be held in late January or early February. The purpose of this web page is to provide you with information that first year officials on Board 20 need. If you think of anything that might be helpful to be included on this page, please send an email to Mark Bridgham.

Uniforms: Until you pass you floor mechanics exam and become a full active member of Board 20, you are not permitted to wear any apparel with the IAABO logo in particular the game shirt. Smitty’s is IAABO’s official supplier of uniforms and officiating equipment. They use a Preferred Dealer, AllSportsEast. If you wish to call in your order their number is 800-351-5474 / 860-265-3146. The uniform consists of a V-neck gray shirt, belt-less black slacks, black socks and black leather sneakers.

Dues: You are now responsible to pay dues for the current season. These need to be submitted by January 4. Checks in the amount of $112.00 should be made out to IAABO BOARD 20 and sent to Mark Byron, Secretary/Treasures IAABO Board 20, 9 Spring St, Hallowell ME 04347. Any question regarding these dues should be directed to Mark Byron.

Meetings: All Board 20 meetings are mandatory for all active and provisional members. Member may be excused if the member provides the Secretary/Treasurer with a valid excuse in writing before the scheduled meeting. (Emergency situations should be forwarded as soon as possible after the meeting date). Click here for the Board 20 Meeting Schedule.

Assignments: Board 20 utilizes an on-line assignment system for its officials for all high school and middle school games that we cover. Dave Tourtelotte is the Board 20 assignor for the high schools & middle schools we service. Board#20 assignors use the Arbiter system for assigning game which can be found at As explained to you, this is where you will enter your contact information, availability and confirm game assignments. The system will send you and email indicating that you have an assignment and you have to logon to accept the assignment. The system will also send you an email reminder of an assignment a couple of days before the game. It is your responsibility to keep Arbiter updated with your correct availability. It is very frustrating for the assignor to give you an assignment and you turn it back indicating that you are not available and it will be reflected on your year ratings. And you may have a turnback fee applied to you.

Contacting Partners: It is Board 20 policy that all officials assigned to a game will contact each other prior to the game to confirm the assignment and to coordinate rides to and from the game. Officials are expected, within reason, to ride to game in the same car. Sometimes it is not possible to ride together but you must still contact you fellow official.