Commission & Council


The Maine Basketball Commission was founded in 1955. It is sponsored by the Maine Principals Association (MPA). The primary function of the “Commission” is to coordinate and communicate with Maine’s IAABO leaders and officials; provide for communication with MPA schools, athletic administrators, coaches; to conduct a required attendance pre-season rules clinic & points of concern/emphasis for officials and coaches; to oversee the selection, assignment and supervision of MPA State Basketball Tournament officials and officiating. The Maine Basketball Commission is represented by the Maine Basketball Commissioner. The Maine Basketball Commission conducts two (2) meetings (April & October) annually.

The Commission membership consists of representatives from the following organizations:

    • Maine’s International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO) – 5 Representatives (Ed Baehr for our Board)
    • Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) – 3 Representatives
    • Maine State Superintendents Association (MSSA) -2 Representatives
    • Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA) – 1 Representative
    • Maine Association of Basketball Coaches (MABC) – 2 Representatives



The Maine Basketball Commission is the organization that represents the five Maine IAABO boards and coordinates basketball officiating statewide.

Each board has five representatives that attend Council meetings.  The Council traditionally meets annually in March.

TJ Halliday: Coordinator of Officals

Julie Goupille: IAABO, Inc. Region 10 Representative

Chris Barstow: Council Secretary

Tournament Eligibility Information:

To be eligible to officiate in the Maine Principals Association Invitational Tournament at the end of the season, you must meet the following requirements:

*Annually attend a Maine Basketball Council Rules Clinic.

*Annually take and score 86 or above on the IAABO Rules Exam.

*Be in good standing with their IAABO Board.

*Officiate 15 or more countable Heal point varsity games during present season.

*Have officiated a minimum of 50 Heal point countable varsity games in their career.

Tracking your progress:

Every active official has access to the Maine Officials database that allows them review their tournament eligibility. If you want to ensure you eligibility status is accurate, log onto the Maine Basketball Council website at

You will be asked to enter your email address and your information will be sent to that address.  If there any errors on the report, please contact TJ Halliday at